What’s Your Superpower?

Cheryl Moore-Thomas, Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Diversity, reflects on teaching and highlights the six university-wide awards that recognize faculty excellence at Loyola.

Teaching plaque

A dear friend gave me the plaque pictured above. I proudly display the plaque in my office because it reminds me of the powerful gift of teaching. After graduating from Loyola’s outstanding program in elementary education and beginning my career as a teacher, I quickly learned that teaching is a superpower, indeed. When done well teaching opens doors, transforms lives, and moves society forward.

We have many excellent teachers at Loyola. Every day, through transformative teaching methods, our colleagues share their expertise with students and help our students consider new possibilities for their areas of study and themselves. We have colleagues who perform similar feats of superpower in the areas of scholarship and mentoring. You know them. You see the excellence of their work. You have been amazed as you have spent time in their classrooms, labs, or creative spaces. You have considered new connections and applications in your own work as you listened to our colleagues skillfully and powerfully present at professional conferences. You have witnessed the ways they have deeply enhanced our community through partnership and engaged scholarship.

Each year, the office of academic affairs sponsors a celebration to gather faculty and recognize the scope of faculty excellence at Loyola in teaching, scholarship, mentoring, and engaged scholarship. The celebration includes conferring six university-wide faculty awards, a brief scholarly presentation from the recipient of the Distinguished Scholar of the Year award, and highlights of the past year of grant recipients and grant activity, teaching and advising activity, and faculty scholarship and creative activity.

Help us celebrate the super talent and super power among us. Submit your nominations for the Faculty Excellence Awards on our website.

All nominations must be submitted by January 17, 2018.

I teach. What is your superpower? Let us know. Submit your nomination today.


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