Business Leader of the Year 2017

Kathleen Getz, Dean of the Sellinger School of Business and Management, highlights this year’s Business Leader of the Year event. Sellinger senior Blythe Cassidy shares her reflections on the event and her Loyola experience.

Michael Hankin photo

On November 16, Loyola will honor Michael Hankin, President and CEO of Brown Advisory as the 2017 Business Leader of the Year. Each year, Loyola recognizes one individual as the Business Leader of the Year. Mr. Hankin was nominated by a committee of the Board of Sponsors of the Sellinger School of Business and Management and selected by Fr. Brian Linnane, S.J. Annually, the award recognizes those whose vision, dedicated effort and commitment to the highest ideals of business have distinguished them and their organizations as among the best in the nations, and have marked them as exemplars of the principles and values Loyola endeavors to instill in its students.

Mr. Hankin has led employee-owned Brown Advisory since 1998. He also serves in several leadership roles for non-profit organizations focusing on the environment and land conservation, education, and health care. As chair of the Baltimore Waterfront Partnership and Management Authority, he has challenged the city to achieve a goal of making Baltimore’s Inner Harbor swimmable and fishable by 2020. In addition, Mr. Hankin serves as a trustee of The Johns Hopkins University, trustee and vice chairman of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and chair of the board of managers of the Applied Physics lab at Hopkins. He is president of Land Preservation Trust, a trustee of the Chesapeake Conservancy and the Center for Large Landscape Conservation, as well as a director for the National Steeplechase Association. He also serves on the boards of directors of Stanley Black & Decker, Tate Engineering Services and The Wills Group.

Mr. Hankin will deliver an address at the annual Business Leader of the Year Award Dinner. Proceeds from the Award Dinner will be used to create the Brown Advisory scholarship, which will be awarded annually to a Sellinger student. Blythe Cassidy, Sellinger senior and this year’s featured student speaker, reflects on the event and her Loyola experience:

blytheAs a student, the Business Leader of the Year award dinner gives me something tangible to look towards. I can see how hard work and dedication can catapult someone in many directions and truly shape who they are. I am grateful that Loyola chooses successful and innovative businesspeople for students to emulate. I get to see why I am studying business and the kinds of people that I can meet and eventually impact. It is a great time as well, because the food is delicious and students get to chat with potential employers.

The dinner also is a space where students can sit with and get to know local businesses. Many of these businesses are smaller and students might not know about them before attending. Last year, I sat with a local architecture firm with an engaging staff. It helped me learn that my business degree doesn’t limit me to a cubicle, but I can truly go anywhere and do anything. I spent the evening chatting and laughing with the staff and got to listen to an amazing honoree and student speaker.

I am grateful for the honor of speaking on behalf of students at the dinner. I get to share my own experience, but hopefully the experience of many of my peers in the process. I can show the attendees that their devotion to Loyola matters and has tangible results. I would not be where I am without their support, and neither would many other students. Everyone there has one common goal in mind, to make Loyola the best school it can be.

Isn’t that what we are all really here for? We want to make Loyola the best because then students like me can go out and do even better things. I get to meet people, learn by example, and see how this can all impact me so I can in turn impact the world. I know other students like me get a lot out of this dinner, so if you want to register, don’t forget to sign up!



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